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Child Support Debt and Lien on Housing

My husband has paid his child support faithfully and on time for 10 years. He recently has gotten a few months behind due to the economy and now his x-wife got an attorney and is threatening us. Question Can she put a lien on our house is the title is in both our names and the loan is in just my husbands? It is currently on the market for sale. Question Can she lien vacant property owned only by my husband? Thanks MH

If your husband is making less money now than he was at the time of the divorce and establishment of the child support amount, he needs to file a motion to modify child support immediately. Any order modifying support is retroactive to the date the motion is filed.

Your husband’s x-wife can obtain a judgment for all unpaid past due child support. She can lien the house since his name is on the title. She can lien vacant land or anything else which is titled in your husband’s name.