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Former Baseball Player Denies Allegations of Domestic Abuse in Halle Berry Divorce

Former Baseball Player Denies Allegations of Domestic Abuse in Halle Berry DivorceFormer Atlanta Braves all-star David Justice has opened up about his 24-year-old divorce from actress Halle Berry to specifically deny longstanding rumors of domestic violence. Justice spoke with PEOPLE magazine about the split. Berry never publicly named Justice as the culprit, but has discussed an abusive relationship. She said she suffered permanent hearing loss in one ear due to the abuse. In their 1997 divorce, Berry filed for a restraining order against Justice, alleging that he stayed outside the home for four hours and demanded to be allowed in to retrieve some belongings, at one point yelling that he would break windows and doors. Justice said the rumors of domestic violence have continued and have hurt his reputation and subsequent relationships. He said the damage diminished his marketability as a baseball player, and he believes he lost endorsement deals.

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Man Forced Off Property After Divorce

Man Forced Off Property After DivorceA man in Texas has been forced off the property of his and his now-ex-wife’s million dollar home after staying in the front lawn for five months, reports USA Today. Sharafat Khan, 69, had been living and sleeping on the property after his wife, a doctor, decided to kick him out of the house and change the locks. Though she called the police to remove him from the property, they could not because he was on the deed. Khan declared he would not leave the property until his wife decided not to divorce him. USA Today reports that the wife was able to finalize the divorce this week, and was granted sole ownership of the house.Photo by KHOU News

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Divorce of Billionaire Hedge Fund Owner Involves Detailed Analysis

Divorce of Billionaire Hedge Fund Owner Involves Detailed AnalysisThe divorce of Chicago financier Ken Griffin has involved extensive valuations, forensic analysis of assets, “lifestyle analysis” and witnesses ranging from executives in Griffin’s company to limo drivers, according to the Chicago Tribune. Griffin is the owner of hedge fund Citadel. He is worth an estimated $7 billion, and is the wealthiest person in the state of Illinois and the 69th wealthiest person in the United States. Griffin filed for divorce from wife Anne Dias Griffin in July 2014. A central issue in the divorce is a prenuptial agreement, according to the Tribune. Griffin is seeking to have the agreement validated, while Dias Griffin is contesting it. Griffin says his wife signed it after having lawyers review the document, that he is currently paying expenses to children and that his wife already is worth $50 million and received $40 million through the prenup. Dias Griffin says she signed the agreement...

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Ashley Madison hack’s impact on divorce filings could be difficult to determine

Ashley Madison hack’s impact on divorce filings could be difficult to determineLaw Week Colorado reported this week on widespread discussion about the impact that a data leak from dating website Ashley Madison may have on divorce filings. The site is known for being a source for married men and women to meet people interested in extramarital affairs. Earlier this summer, the site was hacked and information about users was exposed, including their identities. According to Law Week, a divorce lawyer from New York said there would be a tremendous increase in divorces after the leak, and the information would be a “boon for divorce attorneys” seeking to prove infidelity. However, Law Week reports, the actual impact the leak will have in Colorado is difficult to determine. Divorce in Colorado is no-fault, the publication reports, making the need to prove infidelity unnecessary.

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Court seals divorce records in Alabama governor’s divorce

Court seals divorce records in Alabama governor’s divorce A court ordered the records of the divorce of Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley and his wife to be sealed, statewide news site AI.com reported Monday. The court granted a joint request from both Bentley and his wife, Dianne. The order means that any records of the divorce are to be unavailable to the public. They may be viewed only by the two parties to the divorce, expert witnesses to the proceedings and court staff, according to the Associated Press. The request, filed by the lawyers for both spouses, said that Bentley “holds a prominent office in the state of Alabama, and it would be in the parties’ best interests that the public not be able to access the record.” Dianne Bentley filed for divorce Friday, August 28, citing “an irretrievable breakdown” and “complete incompatibility of temperament.” Robert and Dianne Bentley have been married for 50 years as of July. Bentley was first elected governor in 2010, and was re-elected in...

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