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Potential Pitfalls of the Rich and Famous Athlete

Now that you are amongst the athletic elite, you will be a target for women looking for status, money & kids. Beware of some of the situations that you may encounter such as:

Denver Professional Athlete Lawyer

Sharon Liko is a Denver divorce lawyer who represents high-profile men, including professional athletes. She fights to keep pro athletes from getting ripped off for child support, helps them have a legal relationship with their children, defends them against domestic violence accusations and any other matters they may face. Below is an article written by Attorney Liko on common pitfalls to the rich and famous professional athlete. Access this article in PDF format here.

Whether you are a player for the Denver Broncos, the Colorado Rockies, the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche, another Denver team, another sports team but you live in Colorado, or if you are a boxer, MMA fighter, golfer, tennis player or other pro athlete living in Colorado or Texas, Sharon Liko can represent you. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Paternity and Child Support

1. The kid has arrived. Demand a paternity test.

2. If you give her money, DO NOT give her cash. Pay her by check or money order and designate the payment as CHILD SUPPORT and only child support. Keep your records. If the money is not designated as child support, it doesn’t count. The court will consider it a gift. If you are not legally married, she can get child support retroactive to the day the kid was born plus interest at 12% per month PLUS birthing expenses.

3. Do not deceive yourself. Regardless of whether or not you have a signed document stating that she won’t go after you for child support it is NOT VALID. At some point in time, she can and will pursue you for child support, up until the kid’s 19th birthday.

4. You will owe child support until the kid has attained the age of 19 or is earlier emancipated. You will owe regardless of whether or not you have even met your kid.

5. If you get released, retire, or for some other reason are no longer making your 6 or 7 figure salary, RUN DO NOT WALK to your favorite lawyer. You MUST immediately file a motion, and get a court order reducing your child support. Unless and until you get a court order you are liable for the same amount of child support as before regardless of whether or not you are getting a paycheck. A child support modification Order is retroactive to the date you file your motion, NOT the date you lost your job.

6. You CANNOT bankrupt out of child support.

7. Protect your parental rights. If you want a relationship with your kid, and want to ensure that you have decision making and parenting time, you must file a paternity action and get a court order.

Common-Law Marriage

1. Living together does not make you common-law married, regardless of length of time.

2. Common-law marriage is a series of subjective factors, such as:

a. She uses your last name.

b. She introduces you as her husband. You introduce her as your wife.

c. Your friends think you are married.

d. You designate her as your wife for insurance purposes.

e. You file joint tax returns.

f. You sign documents together as husband and wife.

3. If she proves to a judge that you are common law married, you have big problems. She might be entitled to::

a. Maintenance (formerly alimony).

b. Your house.

c. Your furniture.

d. half of your assets including your bank and investment accounts.

e. half of your retirement.


1. Do not ignore court orders – specifically child support orders.

2. If you do not obey a court order, a judge can throw you in jail.

3. Make an effort! If you can’t pay the entire amount ordered by the judge, pay something every month. A judge won’t put you in jail if you are trying to comply. A judge will put you in jail if you don’t try.

4. Show up to all court appearances. Courts are not doctor’s offices, and you cannot just cancel your appointment. A judge can have you arrested if you don’t appear.

Restraining Orders

1. If your girlfriend or your wife obtains a restraining order against you, respect it.

2. If you violate it, you will be arrested and charged with a criminal offense.

3. It is not OK to call or come over even if your girlfriend or wife invites you. The restraining order is against you, not the woman in your life. Only the Judge can remove the restraining order.

4. If you violate the restraining order and get into a fight with your woman, you will be arrested and charged with domestic violence AND violation of a restraining order.

Domestic Violence

1. Do NOT hit, punch, push, kick, shove, throw things, threaten, make harassing phone calls or even act menacingly towards your woman.

2. You can be charged with domestic violence, arrested, and thrown in jail.

3. You can be thrown out of your own house for a long time even if you are not married to the woman.

4. You will have to attend classes, pay fines, refrain from drinking, lose your right to possess a firearm, and may go to jail.

Representing Professional Athletes in Colorado

If you are a professional athlete facing a paternity issue, child custody issue, divorce or other family law issue, there is a lot at stake. A skilled Denver divorce lawyer with experience representing athletes could protect your interests. Call today to set up a consultation with professional athlete attorney Sharon Liko.