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Child Support Enforcement Ordered

Hello. I am Emailing you so I can get my thoughts straight. 8 months ago I was divorced and child support was assigned and she was to get the kids and pay medical. now my X-wife moved in with her boyfriends Father who lives in Jefferson county. She began filing paper work at Jeffco Human Services and now they are garnishing my wages and telling me That “The People of the state of Colorado, By and threw the attorney for Jefferson county delegate child support enforcement unit, enter their appearance pursuant to 14-10-107.5 and/or 26.13.106(2), for the limited purpose of establishing, enforcing, modifying child support obligations and establishing and enforcing reimbursement of public assistance payments. I have 10 days to respond. I want you to Know i have never missed a child support payment and i am Stunned this is happening. Can you Help me? I am Barely making ends meet as it is. Thank you for you time.

If you’ve never missed a child support payment, there may be another reason why your x-wife has contacted CSE. Amongst other reasons, she may be seeking to modify the child support to obtain an increase.

You need to contact CSE and find out what is at issue.