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Divorce of Billionaire Hedge Fund Owner Involves Detailed Analysis

The divorce of Chicago financier Ken Griffin has involved extensive valuations, forensic analysis of assets, “lifestyle analysis” and witnesses ranging from executives in Griffin’s company to limo drivers, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Griffin is the owner of hedge fund Citadel. He is worth an estimated $7 billion, and is the wealthiest person in the state of Illinois and the 69th wealthiest person in the United States. Griffin filed for divorce from wife Anne Dias Griffin in July 2014.

A central issue in the divorce is a prenuptial agreement, according to the Tribune. Griffin is seeking to have the agreement validated, while Dias Griffin is contesting it. Griffin says his wife signed it after having lawyers review the document, that he is currently paying expenses to children and that his wife already is worth $50 million and received $40 million through the prenup. Dias Griffin says she signed the agreement under duress.

According to the Tribune, the discovery process for the divorce has included:

  • Valuations of Citadel by Duff & Phelps between November 2001 and July 2003. Dias Griffin claimed that Griffin did not fully disclose finances when the prenup was signed.
  • Analysis of Dias Griffin’s business interests from analyst Cathleen Belmonte Newman, including businesses and hedge funds that have failed or ceased operations.
  • Subpoenaing of Griffin’s private aircraft records, including passenger lists, departure locations and destinations.
  • Subpoenaing drivers in New York and Miami.
  • Subpoenaing current and former executives of Citadel.
  • Subpoenaing all photos taken, which may be up to 120,000 files, at the couple’s rehearsal dinner, wedding and all related events.

Divorces from people with a high net worth can involves extensive analysis of their finances and assets.