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What does Child Support Cover?

My ex-wife continues to hound me for payment of things like school registration expenses, school lunches, and other related fees. She is the custodial parent by a small percentage of time – and I faithfully pay the support order through FSR each month. There is an arrearage as a result of a court decision that was post-dated, but the arrearage is being paid down through FSR as well. I have reviewed the statute (14-10-115) to find ANY guidance that would describe a list of expenses that are expected to be paid by child support, but cannot find anything. Am I correct in my position that ALL normal and necessary expenses are to be paid by the custodial parent, and my contributions to that are paid via child support to FSR and then to her ?

You are completely correct. Unless the separation agreement or another court order specifically requires you to contribute to these ancillary expenses, you are not required to do so. Medical expenses are handled differently.